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WebStore Client Form File Configurations

Client form files contain the shopper's form field data.
General Information
Operating Modes
  1. Unrestricted Access
  2. Restricted Access
  3. Disable Client Form Files

General Information
Client Form File:   Record structure defined in @client_fields in outlet.setup

0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10|
name | company| addr1 | addr2 | city | state | country| zip | phone | fax | email |
Name | Company | Addr 1 | Addr 2 | City | State | Country | Zip Code| Phone | Fax | E-mail |
11| 12| 13| 14| 15| 16| 17| 18| 19| 20| 21
shpName | shpAddr | shpCity | shpState | shpCountry| shpZip | shpPhone | shpIns | password1 | ship | tax
Ship Name | Ship Addr | Ship City | Ship State | Ship Country | Ship Zip Code | Ship Phone | Ship Instr| Password | Ship Method | Sales Tax
Operating Modes
Client form file operating modes are controlled by the variables listed in the Client Form Files section of outlet.setup.
  1. Unrestricted Access:

    When an access form filename is defined in $client_file and no access form filename is defined in $password_file, WebStore will operate in unrestricted access mode, storing client form files in the /Databases/Clients sub-directory.

    Clients may enter WebStore regardless of the existence of a client form file in the /Databases/Clients sub-directory.

    Online Demo:   No Query String

    Online Demo:   ?client_form=Y
    The form supplied by WebStore may be bypassed by the client by clicking Enter Store with no form field input or by clicking Front Page at the bottom of the form regardless of form input.

    Online Demo:   ?client_form=Y&frames=frameset&category=Frameset_banner.html
    When operating WebStore in frames, any frameset document may be loaded.
    Href anchors which target frameset documents inside the WebStore environment must include TARGET _top or TARGET _parent and exit frames when accessing the client access form, allowing WebStore to substitute name value pairs for the client's c_file=CLIENT_FILENAME, uid=USERNAME, and pwd=PASSWORD into WebStore query strings present in all frame documents.


  2. Restricted Access:

    When an access form filename is defined in $password_file WebStore will operate in restricted access mode, storing client form files in the /Databases/Clients/Restricted sub-directory.

    Any filename defined in $client_file is disregarded by WebStore.

    The client's file must exist in the /Databases/Clients/Restricted sub-directory or access to WebStore is denied.

    For the client to create a client file, the store administrator must give the client WebStore's username and password, defined in $def_username and $def_password in outlet.setup. Access to WebStore is granted after successful submission of the client form provided by WebStore or the store administrator.

    Online Demo:   ?client_form=Y&store=restrict
    When WebStore is configured for restricted access, client_form=Y has no effect when used in href anchors targeting WebStore. Once the client has successfully entered WebStore, the use of client_form=Y is activated and may used to allow the client to modify their existing client form file.

    Online Demo:


  3. Disable Client Form Files:

    Setting $password_file = '' and $client_file = '' in outlet.setup disables the use of client form files in WebStore.
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