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WebStore query string links in this file reference database categories present in outlet.data.
The text version of each anchor in this file may be copied to your PC's clipboard and pasted into your store's HTML documents.
Cyber Tech
<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=Cyber+Tech&cart_id=">Cyber Tech</A>

<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=InfoTek&cart_id=">InfoTek</A>

<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=Memory&cart_id=">Memory</A>

<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=Modems&cart_id=">Modems</A>

<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=Monitors&cart_id=">Monitors</A>

<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=Multimedia&cart_id=">Multimedia</A>

<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=Notebooks&cart_id=">Notebooks</A>

Perl Books
<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=Perl+Books&cart_id=">Perl Books</A>

<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=Printers&cart_id=">Printers</A>

<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=Storage&cart_id=">Storage</A>

<A HREF="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi?category=Workstation&cart_id=">Workstation</A>

Search Engine - outlet.data
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The search engine form below may be used on HTML documents outside the WebStore application for clients to enter the WebStore performing a database product search.
Do not use this search engine form on any HTML document stored in the Html sub-directory which is read and parsed by the WebStore script including:
  1. The store's front page defined in $frontpage_file of WebStore's setup file.
  2. Category front pages.
  3. Expanded item information pages.
Copy the HTML code between the dashed lines. Keyword/Phrase or Price table rows may be removed from the search engine.
  Search Our Product Line  
Price:   $  


<FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="http://www.ratite.com/400/ws400.cgi">

<!-- Table Header:  MAY BE REMOVED -->
<TR BGCOLOR="#0000A0"><TH ALIGN=center COLSPAN=3>
	<FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="#FFFFFF" FACE="Arial,Helvetica">&nbsp;
	Search Our Product Line

<!-- Keyword Search:  MAY BE REMOVED -->
<TR><TD ALIGN=right>&nbsp;
	<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="text_val" SIZE=28 MAXLENGTH=40></TD>
<TD WIDTH=8>&nbsp;</TD>
<TD ALIGN=left><SELECT NAME="text_arg">
	<OPTION VALUE="Keywords" SELECTED>Keywords 
	<OPTION VALUE="Phrase">Phrase </SELECT></TD></TR>

<!-- Price Search:  MAY BE REMOVED -->
<TR><TD ALIGN=right>
	<FONT SIZE="2" COLOR="#000000" FACE="Arial,Helvetica"><B>Price: &nbsp; $</B> </FONT>
	<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="price_val" SIZE=19 MAXLENGTH=15></TD>
<TD WIDTH=8>&nbsp;</TD>
<TD ALIGN=left><SELECT NAME="price_arg">
	<OPTION VALUE="Less than" SELECTED>Less than
	<OPTION VALUE="Equal to" SELECTED>Equal to
	<OPTION VALUE="Greater than" SELECTED>Greater than 

<!-- Category Search:  REQUIRED -->
<TR><TD ALIGN=right>&nbsp;<SELECT NAME="product_arg">
	<OPTION VALUE="" SELECTED>Search Our Product Line
	<OPTION VALUE="Cyber Tech">Cyber Tech 
	<OPTION VALUE="InfoTek">InfoTek 
	<OPTION VALUE="Memory">Memory 
	<OPTION VALUE="Modems">Modems 
	<OPTION VALUE="Monitors">Monitors 
	<OPTION VALUE="Multimedia">Multimedia 
	<OPTION VALUE="Notebooks">Notebooks 
	<OPTION VALUE="Perl Books">Perl Books 
	<OPTION VALUE="Printers">Printers 
	<OPTION VALUE="Storage">Storage 
	<OPTION VALUE="Workstation">Workstation </SELECT></TD>
<TD WIDTH=8>&nbsp;</TD>
<TD ALIGN=center>
	<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="submit_search" VALUE="Search">&nbsp;
	<INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Reset"></TD></TR>


JavaScript Form - outlet.data
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Copy the HTML code from the <TEXTAREA> below into your store's HTML documents. If you are operating WebStore in frames, this JavaScript must be placed in the main frame.
In the JavaScript function wsLinks(), changing window.location.href to parent.main.location.href will permit this JavaScript to target WebStore's main frame from an indexing frame.
The form's submit button and <NOSCRIPT></NOSCRIPT> text are optional and may be removed.
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