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Example banner file created by ws_banner.cgi. The client's cart id is used to create the unique banner id file for each client.
Banner files are created when ws_banner.cgi is configured for automatic, timed refresh of random or sequential banner display using <meta Refresh>.
Filename has been changed from 980615191210684.bnr to avoid age deletion.
This file is not present in the distributions of this application as it is generated by ws_banner.cgi at runtime if $timeout in ws_banner.cgi is set to a non-zero, numeric value.
$timeout is the amount of time each banner image listed in %images of ws_banner.cgi is used before switching to the next banner image (in numeric sequence) listed in %images.
A web browser accessing ws_banner.cgi will receive the image whose index number is currently listed in banner_timeout.file. The next browser access will receive this image as well if the age of banner_timeout.file has not exceeded the age limit set in $timeout. Once the first image has been used for the length of time set in $timeout, ws_banner.cgi will store the next image's index number in banner_timeout.file, overwrite banner_timeout.file (resetting the file's age), and switch to the image whose index number is now stored in banner_timeout.file, and so on.
Example Shopping Cart
The contents of this example shopping cart would display as follows for the View/Modify table:
  View/Modify Cart Items  
Delete  Quantity  Item  Name  Price  Qty  Subtotal
    0210   TeamTech 64MB   575.83   2   1,151.66
    1044   Cyber Tech LaserJet Plus   2,104.00   1   2,104.00
    0941   Cyber Tech PC-200 Personal Computer   2,599.00   2   5,198.00
Subtotal $ 8,453.66
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