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LINE 1 of each perl script must point to your server's Perl5.
If your domain has a specific directory configured for perl scripts, such as cgi-bin, place all perl scripts (.cgi files) and ws_global.setup in the cgi-bin directory.
If you can execute perl scripts from any directory in your domain, the perl scripts and ws_global.setup may be left in the /Web_store directory or placed in any directory of your choosing.
The /Web_store directory and it's sub-directories must be placed in a directory which can parse HTML files and output graphic files to the http daemon. The directory accessed with the URL http://www.YourDomain.xxx or any directory under this directory is the correct location for the /Web_store directory structure.
Perl scripts can not be placed in any directory assigned to MS Frontpage.
Setup File:  /Web_store/Databases/outlet.setup
Document:  /Web_store/Docs/outlet.setup.html
ws400.cgi is the WebStore shopping cart application which can execute in either a non-secure or secure environment (SSL - Secure Socket Layers). SSL is activated for order form requests and subsequent script processes.
Setup File:  /Web_store/Databases/ws_banner.setup
Document:  /Web_store/Docs/ws_banner.setup.html
ws_banner.cgi displays banner advertisements in a random of predetermined sequence for each request of the script. ws_banner.cgi is a support script designed for and distributed with WebStore Frames.
ws_banner.cgi must be defined in a <frame src> tag of a frame document parsed by ws400.cgi:
<frame name="banner" src="http://www.cgiCentral.net/cgi-bin/400/ws_banner.cgi?cart_id=">
Setup File:  /Web_store/Databases/outlet_editor.setup
Document:  /Web_store/Docs/outlet_editor.setup.html
ws_editor.cgi is WebStore's database editor which is compatible with the database in all versions of WebStore.
WS Editor includes a password protected administrative interface for adding, modifying, or deleting records from WebStore's item database.
Setup File:  /Web_store/Databases/ws_mail.setup
Document:  /Databases/ws_mail.setup.html
ws_mail.cgi is WebStore's mailing list application which receives e-mail address and name input via WS Mail's form submission or from WebStore when orders are submitted.
WS Mail includes a password protected administrative interface for sending mail to mailing lists, adding or deleting e-mail addresses, whois functions to InterNIC, etc.
File:  /Web_store/ws_global.setup
Document:  /Web_store/Docs/ws_global.setup.html
Contains variables used by all scripts in the WebStore application.
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