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The pipe delimited flatfile database consisting of e-mail addresses and names.
E-mail addresses which fail nslookup or contain syntax errors are removed from WebStore.list and placed in DNS.WebStore.list. ws_mail.cgi adds DNS. to the associated mailing list filename when creating the list's nslookup error database. This file is not present in the distributions of this application as it is script generated when errors are removed from WebStore.list.
Send mail and sort functions performed on DNS.WebStore.list.
E-mail addresses containing syntax errors which you have corrected or addresses which return a valid record from nslookup will be removed from DNS.WebStore.list and appended to WebStore.list.
DNS.WebStore.list is deleted from the server whenever it's record count returns to zero.
Registrations which occur while the lock file for WebStore.list exists are placed in it's associated TEMP file. This file is not present in the distributions of this application as it is dynamically created and deleted by ws_mail.cgi as needed.
TEMP file creation is necessary as send mail and sort functions with DNS Lookup enabled can be a time consuming process for large lists being sorted for the first time. Processing time is directly related to the number of e-mail addresses which fail nslookup.
The next send mail or sort performed on WebStore.list will append the e-mail addresses from TEMP.WebStore.list to WebStore.list before performing the send mail or sort function. TEMP.WebStore.list is deleted from the server.
TEMP files do not display in the Mailing List drop down select element on the administrative interface's front page.
ws_mail.cgi opens (creates) and unlinks (deletes) the mailing list lock file WebStore.list.lock in the /Databases/Mail sub-directory whenever the mailing list database is being modified. The lock file's filename is constructed by appending .lock to the mailing list database filename defined in the variable $mail_file of ws_mail.setup.
Other mailing list associated lock files which may be utitlized are DNS.WebStore.list.lock and TEMP.WebStore.list.lock.
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