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blackline_265x1.gif and blackline_565x1.gif
Images used on the Confirmation of Order page to underline credit card fields for fax orders. If these graphic lines do not exist, or are not readable, horizontal lines are printed (<HR SIZE=1 WIDTH=265 NOSHADE>  and  <HR SIZE=1 WIDTH=565 NOSHADE>).
nossl_off.gif, nossl_on.gif, usessl_off.gif, and usessl_on.gif
Button images used by WebStore for applications using SSL with frames. <A HREF> anchors with TARGET="_top" are used to exit non-secure frame documents before printing the store's order form.
page_off.gif and page_on.gif
Button images used by WebStore for applications using frames. When a client's shopping cart is age deleted, WebStore must exit, parse, and print all frame documents to substitute the new shopping cart id into WebStore query strings. page_off.gif and page_on.gif are used in the error message displayed to clients when this occurs.
If nossl_off.gif, nossl_on.gif, usessl_off.gif, and usessl_on.gif, or page_off.gif and page_on.gif do not exist, or are not readable, text-based <A HREF> links are printed (<A HREF="WebStoreScriptURL">No SSL</A>).
banner_frames.off.gif, banner_frames.on.gif, extra_buttons.off.gif, and extra_buttons.on.gif are button images for demo purposes only.
Button Images:
Used on Frames_button.html, Frames_index.html, Frames_index_banner.html, and No_Frames_frontpage.html
help.off.gif help.on.gif noframes.off.gif noframes.on.gif
order.off.gif order.on.gif page.off.gif page.on.gif
view_cart.off.gif view_cart.on.gif item_pages.off.gif item_pages.on.gif
outerwear.off.gif outerwear.on.gif shirts.off.gif shirts.on.gif
sweaters.off.gif sweaters.on.gif
Used on Help.html and Help_Frameset.html
add_cart.gif text_input.gif select.gif
send_order_web_browser.gif submit_credit_card_order.gif
Product Images
Used on Expanded Item Information Pages:   CasualJacket.htm, Crew-Neck.htm, Flannel.htm, Herringbone.htm, InsulatedJacket.htm, Knits1.htm, Knits2.htm, Pique.htm, RainParka.htm, Vest.htm, and V-Neck.htm
CasualJacket.gif CrewNeck.jpg Flannel.gif Herringbone.jpg
InsulatedJacket.gif Knits1.jpg Knits2.jpg Pique.jpg
RainParka.gif Vest.jpg VNeck.jpg
Used on No_Frames_frontpage.html, Outerwear.html, Shirts.html, Sweaters.html, Frames_index.html, and Frames_index_banner.html
CasualJacket.80x100.gif Flannel.83x100.gif CrewNeck.80x100.jpg
Pique.79x100.jpg Herringbone.80x100.jpg RainParka.83x100.gif
InsulatedJacket.80x100.gif Knits2.80x100.jpg Knits1.80x100.jpg
Vest.83x100.jpg VNeck.80x100.jpg
Used on Frames_index.html, and Frames_index_banner.html
CasualJacket.43x51.gif CrewNeck.41x48.gif Herringbone.45x49.gif
InsulatedJacket.48x54.gif Knits1.43x51.gif
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