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WebStore 400CS
Version 4.15.00
UNIX with Perl 5
WebStore Support Documentation
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Complete E-mail Address and Phone Number to Create or Modify your order form record.
 WebStore Home Page 
WebStore 400CS Demonstration Home Page
Italic links target a new browser window on this page and on the Products, Resellers, Restricted Access, and Search demonstration pages.
The form on each of these pages contains the following hidden form tag:
Form tag:   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="demo" VALUE="Y">
demo=Y refers to WebStore's demonstration mode.
When $demo = '' in ws_global.setup, this hidden form tag activates demonstration mode.
When $demo = '1' in ws_global.setup, demonstration mode is always active and this hidden form tag is not required.
When $demo is removed from ws_global.setup, demonstration mode is always disabled, rendering this hidden form tag useless.
When demonstration mode is activated, e-mail messages generated by WebStore for successful forms submissions are returned to the e-mail address entered on the form.

Hidden form tags residing on individual demonstration pages are described on each page.


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