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WebStore 400CS
Version 4.15.00
UNIX with Perl 5
WebStore Support Documentation
E-mail Address
Complete E-mail Address and Password to Create or Modify your order form record.

No field input prohibits access to store.
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Demonstration:   Restricted WebStore Access
System E-mail Address:
System Password:  demo1234
To access WebStore, you must create an account file by entering the system e-mail address and password above in the form to the left.
The system e-mail address and password are defined in $def_username and $def_password in restrict.setup.
After creating an account record, use the e-mail address and password you stored in your account record to access WebStore.
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Links to database categories in WebStore can not be accessed without entering your account's e-mail address and password in the form WebStore will provide.

Form tag:   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="store" VALUE="restrict">
WebStore will require the store setup file restrict.setup when this form is submitted.
$password_file = 'Access.Restrict.Phone.setup' in restrict.setup, placing WebStore in restricted access mode.
The client's account file must exist in the /Databases/Clients/Restricted sub-directory or access to WebStore is denied.