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WebStore 400CS
Version 4.15.00
UNIX with Perl 5
WebStore Support Documentation
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Phone Number
Complete E-mail Address and Phone Number to Create or Modify your order form record.
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Demonstration:   WebStore Search Engine
  Search Demonstration WebStore  
Price:   $  
Search a selected database category or all database categories, limited to those categories defined in @categories in the store's setup file, outlet.setup.
Keywords/Phrase input:   Optional, case insensitive
WebStore removes leading and trailing whitespace and reduces embedded, multiple whitespace to one space from entered values.
Price text input:   Optional
WebStore removes all whitespace, alpha characters, and special characters (excluding periods) from entered values.
When using Keywords/Phrase and/or Price, the search engine matches:
  • At least one keyword. Keywords must be separated by a space.
  • When Keywords and Price are entered, must match any Keyword and Price.