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IP Address Rejected

This error is caused when the server has a list of IP addresses that are not allowed to access the site, and the IP address you are using is in this list for one of the following reasons:
  1. Your IP address has been blocked for excessive use of the Global Whois application. Contact RDC Software tech support for high volume use of Global Whois.

  2. Your IP address is currently listed in the Project Honey Pot HTTP Blacklist of harvesters, spam servers, dictionary attackers comment_spammers.

  3. Your IP address is listed in the Spamhaus ZEN IP Blocklist, comprised of the SBL, XBL and PBL blocklists.
If you feel this is in error, contact Project Honey Pot or the Spamhaus Blocklist Removal Center to determine if your IP address may be a mistaken listing.

Date: Sunday, 25-Feb-2018 20:40:26 CST
Referrer: (none)
Request: /403-whois.html
Remote IP:

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